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A Glimpse at What can Raise or Lower your Vibration

How Healing Yourself Heals the Collective

When I use the word "collective" I am referring to the planet, and all of the people and living things who reside on it, as a whole.

The planet is only as mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy as the individuals who reside on it.

We are all spiritual beings, on this planet, at this particular time, having a human experience, because we chose to (see Soul Contracts). (Please realize that "spiritual" is not the same as "religious.")  We are here to experience life lessons. Life lessons help us to advance our soul, however through our experiences, we find that we need healing in order to find our truth, understanding, as well as our authentic selves. And we can only create healing and positive change in the world, if we first start with our own individual healing.


I am not on a crusade to convert anyone into anything. I’m just tossing pebbles of awareness into the pond of human consciousness. Be a work-in-progress and keep progressing.

Besides the links to the left of this page, you can find a wealth of information and tools on my blog about healing yourself, which in return contributes in healing the collective:

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