Services Offered

I have had many different and amazing teachers and mentors. They each have helped me to grow into my authentic self by laying the foundational stones on my path toward awakening.  With their help, I have let go of my doubts and resistance, and learned how to utilize different modalities. While no two “awakenings” are the same and while there is no one-size-fits-all path of healing and personal evolution, I am here to assist you and share some of the different tools and techniques that have worked for me.


Use me as a starting point and find and honor what fits for you, and discard what doesn’t. I don’t want to be your one and only mentor. Find as many as you need to get the wisdom you need to make yourself whole.

Some of the services that I offer include: Awakening, Empath,  Lightworker and Empowerment Mentoring; Reiki Healing, Space CleansingEmail Readings, Angel + Oracle Card Readings, Chakra Balancing, and assistance with remote viewing and  Unsolved Disappearances and Cold Cases.