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New Hire Candidate  assessment 

 - -  - COMING SOON - - - -

Have you narrowed down new hire candidates for a job that you are looking to fill? Would you like to cut to the chase and know if the information that you are reading on a resume is truthful and accurate, and if not, what has been fabricated? Would you like some insight as to which of your possible new hires are in alignment with what you consider to be important criteria as it relates to the job description, or which candidates posses the characteristics or personality traits that are key for your workplace environment or a good match for your company goals? If so, let's chat. 

Please note that I will NOT pick your candidate for you, but rather provide you with the most information possible to make the best informed decision. 

As always, my services are confidential. 

For more information and pricing, please email:

Sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis, and I reserve the right to decline taking on new clients or sessions at my discretion.

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