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There are many topics to explore when it comes to expanding your awareness. When I first started my awakening process, I found it to be challenging to find information all in one place.  Here is a list of topics that you may wish to explore:




Awakening Signs & Symptoms

Awareness (or Consciousness)


Comfort When Coping w/ Grief + Loss

Emotional, Personal and Family Patterns


Energy Protection & Cleansing

Energy Work + Energy Healing



Grounding Techniques

Holistic Healing Modalities + Lifestyle

Intuitive Abilities


Living Chemical Free/Non-Toxic Alternatives

Meditation + Prayer + Affirmations

Negative Energy + Negativity


Relationship Patterns + Dynamics

Shadow Work

Signs, Symbols + Synchronicities (Meaningful Coincidences)

Soul Contracts + Past Lives


Spiritual "Dis-ease" + Medical Mysteries

Spiritual Traps + Ego + Bypassing

Third Eye/Pineal Gland

Your Higher Self

Your Vibration/Frequency

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