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This blog (formally called "Coffee, Conversation and Transformation") was created to help people like you to transform, heal and to evolve by infusing light, empowerment, awareness and consciousness in to your mind, body, spirit and heart. It was designed expand your thinking, release negativity and fear, and to assist you in elevating your consciousness and discovering your higher purpose, with a little humor along the way. Some posts in this blog may trigger some demons in you and that is okay. Sometimes you need to be shaken to be awaken. Those triggers are the places within yourself that you need to address and heal. This Blog also offers tips and tricks for Empaths.

About eight years ago, I started to experience many random and unexplained medical symptoms that western medicine doctors and specialists could never explain. I later discovered that I was an Empath, and that I was experiencing a Conscious, or Spiritual Awakening. At first this was very confusing, but it pushed me to find my purpose and my true path through expanding my thinking, forcing me to explore different ways to “heal” myself, particularly finding ways to protect my own energy and dissolving emotional and family patterns, and getting comfortable with my intuitive gifts. (Which we all have, by the way. One doesn’t need to be psychic or spiritually evolved to tune into them.) I have had many different and amazing teachers and mentors along the way. They each have helped me to grow into my authentic self by laying the foundational stones on my path toward awakening. My journey is chronicled in this blog in the hopes of helping others as I share my experience. Click HERE to see if any of your symptoms could be related to your awakening process.

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