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Soul Contracts + Past Lives

Some believe that the guiding lessons of your life are determined before birth. A soul contract, in its essence, is a spiritual agreement made before birth, believed to influence the trajectory of our lives during our human experience in the physical world. It relationships between souls, decided upon before birth. Soul Contracts are agreements, or unconscious promises, made pre-birth and include all of the lessons you have chosen to experience in this lifetime, as well as with other souls here in the physical world. Our souls grow stronger from positive and negative experiences. We pre-choose relationships, experiences, events, circumstances and family ties based on lessons we wish to learn in human form. Every single person in your life is playing a role that you've assigned to them.   These lessons help us to grow and evolve to a higher state of awareness. In many belief systems, it is thought that your soul moves through many lives as it tries to reach its highest potential. 

When things get tough, or you get frustrated, or your head starts to spin because of all of the chaos in the world, remember that YOU.PICKED.IT.ALL!!!  Your country. Your name. Your birthday. Your parents. Your children. Your dysfunctional family/relatives and relationships.  The moment in time/history that you are here. Your body. Your lessons. Your death. And even the difficulty level. 

We all have past lives. There is no such thing as a “new soul”. All of  us have been reincarnating for millions of years; and in truth, there is  no “death”, only that of the body. 


The concept of a past life refers to the belief that a person's soul or spirit has lived previous lives before their current one. According to this belief, a person's current life is not their first existence, but rather a continuation of their soul's journey through multiple incarnations.

The idea of past lives is commonly associated with certain spiritual and religious traditions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and certain New Age beliefs. Proponents of the concept often believe that past lives can be accessed through techniques such as past life regression, meditation, or psychic readings. Who we were in a past life means nothing in comparison to what we are doing in this life.

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