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Assistance with Unsolved Disappearances and Cold Cases

Not all unsolved or cold cases are meant to be solved for a variety of reasons. Sometimes that reason is based on soul contracts, sometimes the subject(s) of the case is not willing to provide information from the other side because they are scared to get others in trouble who may be responsible for their disappearance. I have also seen examples (i.e. gang-related cases) how information may be misguided from the other side due to the low energies that are connected to a case. And lastly, not all intuitives are meant to solve all cases, and just like in life, there is a divine order and timing to things, including when cases are able to be solved, if at all.

I tend to get “images” that are like puzzle pieces when looking into cases. I collect those pieces and give them to the requestor to fit them into the puzzle that they are trying to solve. If you have a case that you need assistance with, please contact me at:

If I am unable to assist you with your case, I have other contacts and mentors who I can refer you to.

I reserve the right to decline taking on Unsolved Disappearances and Cold Cases.

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