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Floating Bubble

Dowsing Rod 

Eye Tracking 

Connecting with Spirit/Source/Higher self

There are numerous ways here in the physical world to connect with Spirit/Source/God/Your Higher self. In order to receive messages you will have to put the need for “control” aside and let the information just flow. There are many ways to connect with spirit and to have clarity and insight through multiple methods, including connecting directly with your angels and spirit guides,  dowsing rods, eye tracking, following signs and synchronicities, through Meditation, or the use of Oracle and Angels Cards, a Pendulum, Tarot cards. 


All methods will provide messages and meanings from the spirit realms in service to one's highest self. Divination has existed in various forms throughout history in many different cultures, religions (including Christianity) and spiritual practices. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance with these methods. 

Signs and Synchronicities 


Oracle and Angel Cards


Tarot Cards

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