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Awareness/Consciousnes/ Understanding

To shift your awareness of yourself, as well as the world around you, you need to be open to explore beyond your usual way of thinking. (Another name for "awareness" is "understanding" or "consciousness," and it is subjective and unique to you.) When you shift your awareness you change and expand your usual way of thinking, your belief systems, your actions, as well as your attitude. Your change in thinking can apply to anything – your job, your relationships, your home, your health, your family, religion, spirituality, politics, education, the environment and even the planet. This shift starts with you. Once you expand your thinking, you will start to transform. Your transformation will help you heal in areas of your life you may or may not have known needed healing. As you transform and heal, you evolve. Evolution is constant, however your shifting depends on how receptive and open you are to healing and change.


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