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Angel + Oracle Card Readings

Readings are used for clarity and guidance.*

Oracle cards help to clarify the energy surrounding the situation or question. The word oracle comes from the Latin verb ōrāre meaning “to speak” and refers to a person connected to Gods, who speaks their wisdom and provides counsel. Oracle is a portal, or doorway through which God/Source speak directly to people.


Angel cards are meant to help you find the answers you are looking for through positive messages while helping you become more aware of your own spirituality. Angel Decks are considered an oracle deck by nature, and, in case you were wondering, 


Tarot cards give insight on a situation going on, or something you are questioning, in your life. Some shy away from Tarot because of how the bible is interpreted. Many Christians are starting to use Tarot for meditation or exploring archetypes. (Note that the modern Tarot began as tarocchi, sets of playing cards and learning devices; fortunetelling was not involved. Tarocchi and Tarocchini are still played in Europe, as games.)


All three bring light to whatever you need to be focusing on, and guidance towards the answers you are looking for.

Request an Appointment: One-on-one appointments are available in-person, or via Zoom. Email readings are also available. 

To arrange a session, please email: or send a Facebook Message.

*Readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are for clarity and guidance. The changes and choices that you make in your life affect the outcome and I am not responsible for the personal choices that you make. I am not a medical professional, attorney, accountant or other licensed professional, and cannot give medical, legal, or tax advice. I am not liable for any damages resulting from any appointment, reading or phone consultation, or any persons or events related thereto, and/or any actions or decisions that you may make as a result, including without limitation, actual, incidental and/or consequential damages resulting from any claims resulting from any act or omission, negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or otherwise, including without limitation, personal injury, death, loss of income, stress (emotional or otherwise), errors or omissions, or otherwise.

Sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis, and I reserve the right to decline taking on new clients or sessions at my discretion.

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