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Prayers, Affirmations, Intentions, Mantras and Chants

Prayer is when you ask for something. It is when you talk to God, Source, your past loved ones, Gaia or your spiritual team. it is an act of communication. Meditation is when you listen or receive answers and information from God, Source, your past loved ones, or your spiritual team, or even your higher self. 


An affirmation is a short phrase that motivates, inspires and encourages you to take action and to realize your goals. When affirmations are repeat often, they imprint on your subconscious mind. This repetition can change your habits, behavior and point of view.

An intention tells the universe “this is what I choose to bring into my life.” There is a lot of scientific research that has conclusively proven that the universe responds to our thoughts and feelings. Much of this research is coming out of the field of quantum physics where they have demonstrated that matter is influenced by our intentions. 

mantra is a word, sound, or vowel that is repeated to help concentration and focus during meditation. the origin of the word mantra comes from the stem ‘man’ which related to thinking or the mind, with the word ‘mantra’ encompassing action through thought. mantras are used by some people to bring positive energy and thoughts into their lives but also to improve their outlook

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