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There are different views about the nature of angels, but virtually all accounts agree that angels are beings of pure love who give us messages to help us find our true path in life.

Angels are interwoven within the culture of man. Regardless of religion or belief system, stories of angels are a part of our heritage, of the fabric that makes up human history.

Guardian angels, or Spirit Guides, help us to navigate real life here on earth in the physical world. You can think of them as divine life coaches. Loved ones, friends and even pets who have passed can come through as angels for us, as well as send us messages, signs and symbols from the other side.

And then there are Archangels, they work for the highest spirit (God). Archangels come to us with much love, acceptance, understanding and deep compassion. They empower us and support us, if we are willing to ask and listen. Here is a list of the Archangels.  You will notice that most of their names end with “el” – which means “of God”.

Archangel Ariel

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Michael

Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raziel

Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Zadkiel


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